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10 Watt LED Flood light – 800 Lumens –Portable LED Work Light - Black

10 Watt LED Flood light – 800 Lumens –Portable LED Work Light - Black

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  • ACTUAL BRIGHT LIGHT – 800 Lumens – 10 Watts - Up to 800 Lumens of bright light. Lights up your project or use as a permanent installation
  • MULTI USE AND ADJUSTABLE- Highly versatile light that will get lots of use. Use around the house as a portable work light or take it with you as needed. The body of the light has a few points of adjustment to point the light where you need it. Popular to keep in the car for emergencies. Great for going on a walk or take with you on your next camping adventure. Makes for a great gift.
  • HIGH TECH LED - Uses Bridgelux COB LED Technology. COB stands for chip on board which is multiple LEDs prebuilt on the same die. COB allows for better heat control, thermal resistance and High Efficiency energy use. High energy efficiency and long life. Best of all- the unit doesn’t get too hot. Won’t burn you if you touch it.
  • LONG LIFE BATTERY – Unit comes with a Premium 4000mAh Lithium ion battery for a longer charge. Keep working on your project or enjoy the time with more hours to work. Up to 5-6 hours on a full charge
  • HEAVY DUTY AND WARRANTY - Aluminum housing insures better heat sink and longer life. Housing is coated with a protective finish to ensure long life. High Quality Design has an IP65 Waterproof rating. Unit is backed by our 1 Year Warranty

RuggedGrade Portable Flood Light –Portable LED work Light, Camping Light or Car Emergency light.
Perfect tool to keep around. Light wherever you need it. From working around the house or painting, to taking it out for a trip. This light does it all. Portable light that uses the latest LED light technology to be very bright while staying cool to the touch and preserving battery. Nothing is more useful to have available.
We offer the light in ranges from 5-20 watts and in various colors. Light also comes in batteries from 1000mAH up to 6600mAH for long lasting performance. Choose the one that meets your needs.
Unit is built to last and rated IP65 for Waterproof which is outdoor waterproof

  • includes 2 types of chargers. Both wall charger and cigarette charger

  • 800 Lumens

  • Adjustable body fixture for aiming the light right where you need it

  • Bright white 5000k color

  • Housing Materials: Aluminum

  • Premium Lithium ion battery for up to 5-6 hours of run time

  • IP Rating: IP65 Outdoor Rated

  • Warranty: 1 Years

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