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2x4 Feet - 65 Watt Panel Light- Troffer Light - 5000K - Dimmable - CARTON OF 4

2x4 Feet - 65 Watt Panel Light- Troffer Light - 5000K - Dimmable - CARTON OF 4

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2 Feet x 4 Feet - 65 Watt - 7200Lumen -Panel Light- Troffer Light - 5000K color - Dimmable

Available in white or silver trim.

These are now sold by the carton of 4.  You will get 4 of the 2x4 Panel Lights

7200 Lumens LED Panel Light -2'x4' - Only 65 Watt -5000K Bight White - Dimmable - Drop Ceiling LED Light - High Efficiency 110 Lumen to watt Panel LED Light -LED Troffer Lighting Replacement

  • BRIGHT LIGHT -65 Watt is DLC Certified at 7200 Lumens and can replace a set of 4-8 T8 Light Bulbs. 5000K provides a Bright White Color. Ideal retrofit for LED Troffer Lighting or LED Drop Ceiling Lighting. **Trim color is white. Silver is available as special order item.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Easy LED retrofit. High efficiency LED fixture can be dropped into a ceiling or set up as an LED Recessed light. Looks great in a retail or office environment when used as troffer style panel light. Driver is included separate and easily mounts to the back of the panel.
  • DIMMABLE 3 in 1 dimming function (1˜10Vdc or PWM signal or resistance). Light can be dimmed to ideal brightness levels to save energy and get the light levels correct for your area. You must use the low voltage wires and a 0-10volt dimmer or controller to do this. The switches can be found for as low as $35.
  • BETTER DESIGN & WARRANTY- Uses the latest LED chipset for high efficiency and even light distribution. No bright spots or dull spots. LED driver is separated to allow for more flexible installation options. Unit is backed by a 1 year warranty.
  • UL AND DLC Rated - UL listed for safety and DLC for energy rebates. DLC stands for Design Lighting Consortium and verifies actual light performance. This 36 watt unit is verified at over 110 Lumens
Built to be high efficiency and versatile with recessed mounting options. Easily replace your T8 light fixtures or other drop ceiling light fixtures. These are highly versatile fixtures that look good while saving you money. 
Easy LED retrofit for your office or business. Replacing you drop ceiling lighting or troffer lights with our LED Ceiling Lights. 
  • Direct surface or recessed mount

  • 2 feet x 4 feet square

  • Remote LED driver included

  • 7200 Lumens

  • 0-10v Dimmable

  • High efficiency design

  • Bright white 5000k color

  • Aluminum

  • UL Listed

  • DLC Listed

  • Warranty 5 Years

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