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Thanks so much for visiting LED Light Expert.  Our team is focused on providing you with an easy and awesome online shopping experience.   We have been selling LED lights for a long time and we are excited about sharing the expertise we have gained with you.    Whether you know what you are looking for, or are just browsing, we welcome you to view our high quality products. 

Custom order specialist

We specialize in large LED fixtures such as LED high Bay Lights, parking lot lights, Street Lights and more.   Most of our orders are custom orders built just for you.   The right lights, the right lumens, the right color and all delivered to your door.   Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Reach out to us with any questions. 

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Fully insured for everything we sell!  Do not take the risk on buying products without insurance or worse, becoming the importer where you have all the liability.

We are a certified small business with the SBA.   We are eligible for state and Federal Contracts


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We started out selling only commercial LED lights like LED parking lot lights and High bay lights that we custom ordered and built for our customers.  Today we have expanded to include a wide variety of products.  Our heritage is built on large orders from repeat customers.   Those customers come back to us for our quality and service.   We have kept that level of service for every order that goes out.    We will not sacrifice on quality or service.  


Our CEO is Dara Greaney, a 15 year e-commerce veteran with a track record of customer satisfaction and quality products.  He brings a commitment to selling only the highest quality products and backing them up with impeccable service. 

Why LED Light Expert


We sell a wide variety of LED lights including LED bulbs, LED Wall Packs, Solar Street Lights, High Bay LEDs and more.  So many different types that we cannot list them all.   If there is something you need and cannot find it, please let us know.   We are happy to help you find it.