Dimming High Lumens LED 0-10v

How to setup Dimmable LED High Bay or LED Parking Lot Lights with 0-10volt

Using Low Voltage Dimming systems

In this highly green world that focuses on conserving energy, we have to always be looking for the best ways to do this. This includes our lighting systems as well. One of the simplest and easiest methods to not only reduce power consumption, but also enhance performance is to employ dimming wirings in lighting systems.  In modern lighting, this is known as 0-10volt dimming.


0-10volt Dimmers make light management and power management that much easier. But choosing the right dimming system can prove to be not so much for someone who is not as familiar with the technicalities.  Dimming LED Parking Lot Lights, LED High Bay, or any other kind of LED light for that matter, using low voltage wires that range from 0-10 Volts are much better than using hard wires.  Not only is it safer and more effective, but it opens up lots of smart lighting control options.



0-10 is actually one of the earliest signaling system invented for lighting control and is also one of the simplest: it uses a control signal of a DC voltage that ranges from 0 to up to a maximum 10 volts. The amount of volts sent to the LED driver, tells it how bright to be.  Send 0 volts and the light is off.  Send 10volts and the light will go to maximum power.  



The reason why low voltage dimming is given preference over regular or hard wire dimming is because it is much safer and more effective.   With regular hard wire dimmers, a small transformer has to restrict the watts.  This usually ends up in flickering or inability to dim to low levels.  Regular dimmers also max out at about 100watts of LED, which does not work in large deployments.  0-10volt systems can easily handle thousands of watts on a single switch.  So if you have 50 LED High Bay Lights running at 200watts each, you can still control them on one $60 switch (although we recommend more control than that) 


The 0-10volt minimum current requirement also ensures that you can do long runes of wires that are thin in diameter and cost less. Easy to deploy, diagnose and understand, there are very few complications that ever arrive with the use of 0-10V dimming systems.



Many products can be dimmed using 0-10V system.  Some of these include lights for retail, buildings, entertainment spaces, theaters or any residential or commercial places can be effectively dimmed using this system.  Other products include High Bays, Parking Lot  LED flood Lights and LED wall pack.   LEDLightexpert.com sells dimmable versions of all of these products.    


 0-10v LED Dimming Diagram


1.      You would need to run low voltage wires from the light back to the switch. The first class wiring would be a line voltage switch, that basically turns the device on and off. The class two wiring would be to allow low voltage dimming control, by providing input to which minimum (0V) and maximum (10V) output can be generated.

2\A compatible wall switch.   Look for 0-10volt dimmers.  They come in dimming + on/off or just dimming.  Will run about $40-$90 for a decent one.  (0-10v and 1-10v are the same hardware)  

2. Wiring - possibly lots of it.  In order to get full usage from the switch, many require a neutral wire return.   So the low voltage can be 18 or similar, but bigger if you are running the neutral.

3.      A lighting plan.  This is pretty obvious, but think though where you want the switches and what you might do in the future.  If you will be adding a Zigbee or Dali system, you might want to run the wires where you can do more with them in the future. 




LED Light Expert is here to help.  Whether it be used for dimming LED High Bay Lights, or to operate Dimmable LED Parking Lot Lights, 0-10V dimmers are a cost-effective lighting control system that greatly help to reduce the cost you spend on unnecessarily expensive lighting. Another advantage this system provides is that you can control the number of zones separately from the power zones allowing for a wide variety of setup options.   Doing this well= Big $$$$ off your power bill. 


Easy-to-use and executable components make 0-10V dimmers an attractive choice for any new high lumens lighting installation.


Call or email LEDLightExpert.com today to help you find a dimmable system that works for you.






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