How many light fixtures do I need for my warehouse?

Posted by Rick R on 9/4/2016 to LED Lights
How many light fixtures do I need for my warehouse?

How many light fixtures do I need for my warehouse?

We get tons of questions like this and are happy to help.   Some of them thinking about light color and height, some of them about fixture spacing.   We are happy to help.   We thought sharing an example would help you think about all the things we do. Here is a recent example;


Here is the email;

I have a 40x70 warehouse that I will be working on and detailing cars. I want to convert from old lighting to led primarily for brighter lighting and lower energy costs. The lights are currently at 15 feet above floor. I was looking at your 150 watt High Bay UFO lights and you 100 watt high Bay UFO lights. Would this be appropriate?  How many would I need and how far apart etc.  thank you.


Here is our first answer;



Thanks for reaching out.   Those are awesome lights so you are on the right track.   At 15 feet high you can go 100watts with the 90 degree or 150 with a 120 wide angle.  That is the angle the light comes out at.  I usually do not recommend 150 watts at 90 degree until we get closer to 20 feet high.



1. Use 100watts UFO High Bay lights and space them out every 8-14 feet (8 for high brightness, 14 for adequate).   A 6x3 pattern for example is 18 lights for basic lighting, or go 7x3 (or 6x4/8x3 depending on wiring) for 21-24 lights to get a medium brightness level.  8x4 for 32 would be very high brightness.   So that’s just an estimate.  Somewhere in there. 


2. Do the 150watts high bay lights and order them in 120 wide.  At 15 feet you can go wider angle and still get good light to the ground.  So the same 6x3 pattern would give you good coverage.  7x3 for 21 lights for higher brightness.  


If you can run additional wiring, we can also do all of this with dimmable versions so you can go a bit brighter and adjust down to save energy.  You can create a few sections.  Maybe dim down half of the warehouse where it's just parked cars and leave the rest full brightness. 



21 of the 100watts at 90 degree in dimmable High Bay Lights would probably be my recommendation. (without knowing more)


There is bulk pricing on all of this in a custom order too.   Choice of angle and light color.  A couple of weeks, but price is delivered to your door.  All inclusive.  5 year Warranty, No tax outside of CA.



Feel free to give me a call and I can answer any other questions. 







So you can see there are so many variables in lighting design that you have to think through lots of options.  Number of fixtures, brightness, height, light angle, where you can actually run wiring, etc, etc.  There is a whole science called photometrics that does awesome analysis on this.  For larger buildings they can do a full design.   On something like this it’s just not worth it.


This customer went with 21 of the 100 watt LED High Bay lights and emailed us later on to say that they were very pleased. 




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