Lots of Great uses for LED Lights

Posted by Rick R on 12/13/2016 to LED Lights
Lots of Great uses for LED Lights

Lots of Great uses for LED Lights

LED lights are taking over everywhere.   They started with some bulbs and some fixtures, but have now gone everywhere.  Here are a few examples.  

LED Christmas Decorations

House Christmas decorations:  Decorating around your house with LED Lights is not only a great way to save money, but they are usually much brighter.   This leads to more attractive houses that really pop.  With the low energy bill and reduced fire risk, you can really go big.  Solar flood lights are great for lighting up the walls of your house.   Add lots of lights plus decorations like stars, reindeer and a big ole Santa!

Christmas tree decorations: Decorating the Christmas tree is an exciting activity, especially for the kids. You need to hang the ornaments, bells and bright lights to bright the tree to life. LED lights are much more beneficial than traditional lights. They are low on electricity consumption and more enjoyable to look at. They tend to die less often and easier to maintain over time. The fire safety of light-emitting diodes alone is worth the switch over.

Decorating the Christmas table: LEDs are safer and thus can be used safely for decoration around the table or as a centerpiece. As these do not get very hot, they can be so used with more delicate materials in the creation and blend right in. Strand lights can be placed on the table, hanging from the shows, making a beautiful and glowing appearance to light up all the food to be shared.


LED Grow lights 

For avid indoor garden enthusiasts and hydroponic fans, LED grow lights offer yet other benefit of LED.  LED bulbs can offer wider color spectrum or just a specific color if needed.  Due to the new technology that goes into building each LED light bulb, their lifespan is longer than most other forms of light bulbs. LED grow lights last over 100,000 hours, which is often ten times the lifespan of the other grow lights. This means that in general you will be putting much less time and money on replacing bulbs, and you will not have to worry about bulb maintenance as much as you use it.


Motion Security Lights

With the low cost of running LEDs you can now have LED wall lights that are brighter and come on more often.   Having more lighting around your house has been directly linked to less crime and wandering animals.  Whether you choose a motion sensor light or a photocell light, you can go brighter and bigger


Garden and Welcome Path 

Decorating the garden and the welcome path is much easier with Solar Street lights. The path to your house or garden can be fully decorated with LED lights that create an ambiance for your guests. The door can be decorated with these lights too. The branches of trees in the garden can also be lit up with these easy-to-use lights. You can entwine some of the braches with LED elements and light up the shrubs.




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