Why LED Lights are Better

Posted by James Cannon on 5/11/2016 to LED Lights
Why LED Lights are Better

Why LED Lights are Better and Taking Over

Light emitting diodes or LEDs as they are commonly referred to are becoming the choice of lighting everywhere.  There are a lot of reasons why LED lights are taking over, here are the big ones;

1. Instant on - Unlike CFL bulbs, LEDs are instant full brightness.  No more waiting for lights to warm up
2. No Flicker - LEDs emit a very clean light that stays on.   Doesn't flicker or move.
3. No Mercury -   Mercury has been found to have very dangerous health consequences.   LED Light bulbs have no mercury or other toxic chemicals inside.   When CFL bulbs break, which all bulbs often do, it emits that poison right into the air next to you.   Now is a good time to recycle those spiral bulbs and go with a safer option. 
4. No Ultra Violet UV rays -   CFL lights emit UV rays, increasing the risk of cancer as well as fading everything around it.   We spend half our lives wearing hats, putting on sunscreen and wearing glasses to avoid UV rays, yet we continue to have them in our house and businesses.    
5. Cleaner light - less distortion and zebra striping.   Even at higher color temps, daylight for example, the light is easier on the eyes because its a cleaner more constant light.
6. Energy Efficient- Save energy save money, its that simple.  Many LED lights pay for themselves in the first 3-10 years of use.  LED lights are reaching up to 150 lumens per watt, which equals big energy savings. 

Do you need any more reasons?  The only downside used to be cost, but with LED light pricing dropping dramatically it’s a great time to go LED.

We carry a large selection of LED lights for both home and commercial use.   For homes we have solar lights, LED light bulbs to name a few.   For business and commercial use our High Bay lights and wall pack lights are extremely popular.   Whatever your LED light needs are, we are happy to help.   From a simple bulb to customizing a whole warehouse lighting system, trust the experts.  


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