Why LED Lighting is better than Traditional Lighting

Posted by Sam T on 12/5/2016 to LED Lights
Why LED Lighting is better than Traditional Lighting

Why LED Lighting is better than Traditional Lighting

LED light bulbs are known for their durability and high efficiency. They last much longer than fluorescents and incandescent bulbs. LED has better light quality with cleaner light, higher CRI and less flісkеr. The best part for some is that these special effects will be at least 20 years old. LED light create much less heat, so they do not overheat and it also reduces the risk of fire. The LED bulbs are definitely friendly and the bulbs do not really hesitate. The amount of use of the single can be much lower than any other standard bulbs out there. 

No surprise that LED is predicted to be the next big in lighting technology. LED is gaining popularity even though the technology is still in the development stage. The shift towards green living plays well for LED lights and households are now starting to support the energy efficient LEDs. Today, there are a large number of households that are beginning to use LEDs for their light needs. Here are some of the reasons why the LED is starting to pass the traditional product like incandescent bulb and fluorescent bulbs.

Better Coloring

LED manufacturers can now do illumination in a variety of colors from red, orange and yellow to green, blue and violet without using the color filters that a lot of usual lighting methods needs. They can also create a much higher CRI light for things like LED high Bay lights or other commercial lights. By using various shades of LEDs in different focus, LED light manufacturers can create millions of dramatic colors that can be utilized in achieving visual effects like color washing, fading, shifting, changing etc etc.

LED Lights are a cost effective source of lights

In contrast with regular lighting products, LED bulbs are more efficient. Light-emitting diode bulbs require only a small amount of energy compared with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. It has a much higher light per watt than other kinds of bulbs, making things like solar street lights now possible. With the escalating environmental responsiveness of consumers, greater efficiency and lower power use is now required..

The initial cost of the LEDs has also dropped way down. LED corn bulbs are now not much more expensive than other options.

LEDs have a much longer life

LEDs do not easily crack or get damaged by external shock, which is a vast improvement over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, largely due to being made from a solid state material. LED light fixtures like LED Wall Packs are more likely to last 10, 15 and even 20 plus years.

LEDs do not contain hazardous chemicals

One more advantage of switching to LED solar lighting is that LEDs do not contain hazardous chemicals such as mercury. Mercury is not an element to mess around with, it is highly toxic. This substance has detrimental effects on people who get exposed to it and causes the environmental contamination if leaked into ground water.


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