Why UFO High Bay LED Lighting is taking over

Posted by Rick R on 8/21/2016 to LED Light Bulbs
Why UFO High Bay LED Lighting is taking over



Is that an extraterrestrial UFO that contains beings unknown to the human race hovering near the ceiling? No; it is the UFO LED High Bay Light! And while it does not house an extraterrestrial race, it certainly is taking over the LED Lighting scene.


The UFO LED High Bay Lights have a dome-shaped skeleton that resembles that of a UFO and boasts LEDs that effectively lights up any place brightly. As of recently, these High Bay LED lights have finally been able to plant their feet in the market and receive the recognition they deserve.



But is it the better choice for you to make? Why should you even get these UFO LED High Bay Lights and are they even suitable for your space? Well, to let you know, the LED High Bay lights are perfect for large spaces that need to be lighted from one corner to the other on the cheapest budget with maximum efficiency. So, whether it be workshops, warehouses, indoor stadiums, or any other location: if you have a vast, industrious space you need to be lighted and breathed life in, the UFO High Bay LED Lighting is the best option for you.


And there are several reasons for that.


-  They are much smaller compared to any other alternatives you might go for. They provide you with maximum bright light, all the while utilizing minimum space.

-    Combine the new smaller space with high end LEDs that get 130 lumens to the watt and you see why they are much more efficient than any average lamp.

-   The UFO also provides exceptional thermal properties.  The heat produced by the LED light is easily handled by the Aluminum body of the UFO that doubles as a heat sink

-     Another huge benefit is that it does not need any reflectors that help to refocus light and reduce glare; the UFO High Bay Lights do so themselves by having a built-in light angle that greatly helps to direct and focus the light much better.  This means you can order in 60, 90, 120 degree light angles. 

-    In addition to that, these LED lights are long lasting with LEDs installed in it that last around a 100,000 hours! Thus ensuring you do not end up spending a plethora over their maintenance or replacements.

-    Clear Light.  Whether you are choosing warm white 3000K or the ultra-popular pure white 5000K, the light is clean and clear.   No flickering, zebra stripes or annoying patterns that hurt the eyes. 

-     They come in Dimmable LED High Bay Models  Read more

-     And as if that wasn't enough, the UFO High Bay lights are currently providing the best Lumen per Watt output in industry for the best retail price. Only 200 Watts can drive 26,000 lumens for a minimal amount of $299, making it a must-own for anyone with a sense of budgeting and an eye for efficiency.




While some may agree on that part, they will also agree that the advantages the usage of this product brings with itself certainly trumps out any mundane negatives. Sure, the lights take a little getting used to, but once you have, they will get you tons of compliments and questions that tread the line of, Where did you get these lights from? They are amazing!



Trying to plan your high bay lighting setup?    LEDLightExpert.com is here to help.  Phone, Chat or Email we can guide you to the best high bay lighting system.  Whether that is linear, classic of UFO high bay lights. 



Date: 8/21/2016
Great info. I have been looking at these ufo lights fop a while;

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