LED Corn Light Bulbs - The Metal Halide LED Replacements!

Posted by James Cannon on 8/22/2016 to LED Lights
LED Corn Light Bulbs - The Metal Halide LED Replacements!

LED Corn Light Bulbs - The Metal Halide LED Replacements!


Still buying metal halide bulbs?  Spending all that money on bubs, ballasts and energy bills.   Getting the ladder or even a scissor lift to change them?   Now is the time to go LED and its never been easier with LED Corn Bulbs.


We have had LED Retrofits for years and they are still a great product for many uses.  Now we have E39 LED bulbs in lumens up to 18,000 ready to screw in.   You may have to replace the ballast, but that will only save you money in the long run.   


Energy Savings

LED bulbs can be 30-60% more efficient.  Where metal halide typically get about 75 lumens to watt.   Our LED Light bulbs are getting 115 lumens to watt.

Some of the old Metal halide bulbs were as low as 40 lumens to watt, so it could be an even bigger savings. 


Low maintenance

With 25 year life span, there is no more climbing up a ladder or scissor lift to replace bulbs.    With 25+ year LEDs on the corn bulbs these lights keep maintenance bills way down.  


Low heat

LED bulbs are significantly cooler, improving safety and reducing fire risk.  Keeps your building cooler too and reduces your air conditioner bill. 


Instant On

It takes about 1-2 seconds and then boom!  The LED light is on at full brightness.   Almost Instant on means you can see what you are doing right away.


Ballast bypass is not that hard

On most fixtures bypassing the ballast is easy.   When you realize you are just sending the building current direct into the fixture it becomes very easy.   Just 3 wires right back into the socket. 

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