NextGen LED Parking Lot Lights - How to bypass the Photocell

Posted by Rick R on 2/16/2017 to LED Parking Lot Lights
NextGen LED Parking Lot Lights - How to bypass the Photocell

NextGen LED Parking Lot Lights - Photocell bypass - How to bypass the Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Here is a question we are getting alot - How do I bypass the photocell on your NextGen series lights?  Our 300 watt NextGen LED Parking Lot Lights come with a photocell (often referred to as a dusk to dawn sensor )  by default.   Its the giant blue knob on top of the lioght.   It has an opening on one side to allow light in and then recognize when its time to turn on the lights.   The way it works is that the power goes through the photocell and if the sensor thinks its dark, it makes the eloectrical connection on the power and sends power to the LED Driver.   In order to not use it in you will need to do some re-wiring. 

The photocell is often not needed where you have a timer or switch controlling it.   In these cases the timer is usually a better choice as you can fine tune the on/off controls.   The photocells will often kick on or off a minute or two apart which can annoy some (most would never notice).   

This should be done by a licensed electrician to not void your warranty!

1.  Open the back plate
2.  Locate the red and white wires returning from the photocell
3.  Disconnect those wires carefully from the crimps and tape up
4.  Connect the black wire coming in from the power to the brown wire going into the LED Driver
5.  Connect the white wire coming in from the power to the black wire going into the LED Driver
6.  Check your connections and test the light
8.  Cover up the photocell ports or just leave the photocell installed
7.  Add a sticker with notation inside for future notice.

This will allow you to use these LED Shoebox Lights / Parking Lot Lights with a timer or switch.   Hope that helps!  Leave us some comments and let us know. 

dusk to dawn photocell bypass

LED Parking Lot Photocell Bypass

Hope this article and images help you get these installed the way you want. 




Date: 4/7/2017
This excellent website certainly has all the information I needed concerning this subject and didn't know who to ask.

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