Corn Light Wiring Instructions with Ballast bypass diagrams

Posted by Gabriel C on 10/19/2016 to LED Lights
Corn Light Wiring Instructions with Ballast bypass diagrams

Corn Light Wiring Instructions with Ballast bypass diagrams


When installing one of our LED Corn Light bulbs, you may have to bypass the ballast to get it to work. This sounds daunting at first, but it is actually quite simple.  You have to remember that you are not adding anything to the setup, just taking something out.  Removing a component is always easier.   We have a few tips and attached diagram with instructions.    


Incandescent /Non ballast fixture

In these scenarios you are typically plug and play, no work required.   These are your typical home, garage and business fixture.   There is no excuse not to go LED Lighting with these fixtures.  Put a few in 12watt or 20 watt in your garage for brighter lighting.   A 40watt or 60watt work great in post lights or other fixtures where you are using high wattage incandescent.


Metal Halide / High Pressure Sodium / CFL

These light bulbs are typically powered by a magnetic or electronic ballast.   For these you will need to remove the ballast and direct wire power to the light.   The hardest part is typically identifying the wiring in the correct order.  Some ballasts may power multiple bulbs and you will have to join the wiring back together.

Going with corn cob bulbs is ideal here for the energy savings.   You can easily replace a 250watt metal halide with a 60watt or 80watt corn bulb and save over 70% off your energy bill.   Our 120watt is an ideal replacement for 400watt metal halide.   Jump up to 150watt if you want a 500watt metal halide replacement.


Installation Instructions:

Warning: Please make sure the power is off before installation.

1. Turn off the power switch.   (Turning off power at the circuit breaker is best practice)

2. For the external driver lamp, (these are not our normal corn lights.  Our LED corn bulb have the driver internally) re-wired the external driver, see Figure (4).

3. Screw off the CFL or MHL or HPS and so on, see Figure (5) (6).

4. Take out the led corn light and screw on, see Figure (1 )(2).Figure (1):AC Internal LED driver, Figure (2) :AC external driver or DC internal driver.(Note: Pis make sure to take off the ballast before installing led corn light, otherwise the ballast will produce the resonance of high voltage which makes led corn light breakdown and fail)

5. For 80-150W LED corn light of TUV certification, pleases fix the rope on the lamp with screw, then fix the wire of other end on the shell, see Figure (3). 6. Turn on the power switch. (these are alternate models)

6.  Test and enjoy

Ballast removal


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